St Martha Parish Church


Parish Map

Chilworth Parish Council

This map shows the boundaries of St Martha Parish.


To promote a sense of community by consultation and aiming to securing and maintaining the best possible services and environment within the Parish.


  • Respond to Guildford Borough Council on local Planning Applications and other planning documents.
  • Alert relevant Authorities, eg Highways, to local issues, especially where work is required
  • Work with National and local bodies to achieve beneficial outcomes
  • Provide and maintain assets for the benefit of the community.
  • To assist individuals to contact the appropriate authority in addressing specific issues.


  • To ensure the Council acts as a constituted body serving the interests of its electorate.
  • To ensure it conforms with statutory requirements and adopted guidelines
  • To maintain public assets, eg seats, bus shelters, noticeboards in a safe state.
  • To adopt scrupulous financial controls of the use of public monies eg the precept