St Martha Parish Church

The Drummond Arms Home Delivery

The Drummond and a few of their suppliers will be offering a service of fresh fruit, vegetables and any meat and fish products.

They are willing to offer free delivery to anyone within a 3-mile radius. Please call or email them with your orders and they will be more than happy to help.

Further to this they are offering a meal on wheels or a call and collect menu service. They emphasise that this is not a money-making scheme, but a positive way for them to help the local community.

The Drummond are also offering a delicous take away menu. For this you need to give them a call with an ideal delivery time so they can endevour to serve your food piping hot! Payment will be taken by card over the phone when you are booking. If you are self isolating deliveries will be left on the doorstep with a knock!

See The Drummond Arms website for details.